Favourite handbag

The cover of the Australian Home Journal for 2 January 1956. A woman wearing a yellow 1950s day dress, and another woman wearing a green with white floral pattern dress, carrying a large black and white handbag.A red and black faux-lizard bag, 1960sMy current favourite handbag. It’s probably early mid1950s – early 1960s, and made of vinyl with lizard embossing, and brass fittings. Maker is Stylecraft Miami. It holds a lot more than most vintage bags and one of the inner pockets is just the right size for an iPhone. The bag is all black on the other side, so you can sort of have two looks depending on which way you hold it. Found on eBay Australia. I grabbed it because the two-tone bags are a little unusual; one of the only ones I’ve seen in a fashion plate is this black and white one from The Australian Home Journal (2 January, 1956). The black and white bag also seems unusually large for the era!

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