Save The Pink Bathrooms

Does your house have a pink pre-1960s bathroom? Don’t sucumb to the lure of flat-pack-tastic bathrooms spruiked on weekend renovation TV shows and rip it out. Restore it! This site, Save the Pink Bathrooms, explains why.

I used to live in a little 1927 cottage in Barton that hadn’t been renovated. It still had the old Canberra wood-fired stove in the kitchen, and a bathroom that was pink-tastic. The people who bought the house from our landlord extended the house and I’m not sure that piece of the past is there anymore. (And I’m not sure I really appreciated the design of that cottage while I lived there, actually. Hindsight! No bench space in the kitchen was frustrating, however.)

If you look on real estate listings sites you can usually get pictures of the insides of these places when they come up for sale or rent.  The weirdest renovations, to me, are not those that modernise the interior, but those that do a Federation style. Does not compute!

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