Clement Meadmore furniture

I went searching for lamps like the one in the advertisement in the previous post, and found this:

1955 lamp

in an online catalogue from Shapiro Auctioneers. The description suggests it’s likely to have been designed by Clement Meadmore, a famous Australian-American sculptor, who was designing furniture in the early 1950s. You may have seen his sculpture at the National Gallery:

Clement Meadmore sculpture / CC BY-SA 2.0

He originally studied industrial design (with a strong interest in aeronautical engineering) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and you can see that industrial-atomic-spaceage look throughout his designs:

Clement Meadmore chairsClement Meadmore telephone tableClement Meadmore chair

Clement Meadmore chairs

These chairs were made in 1950, and sold for about $5000 in 2008.

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4 Responses to “Clement Meadmore furniture”

  1. Jennifer

    Wow, those are all such great designs! I love the chairs with the different colored seats!!

  2. bobo

    The first lamp is NOT by Clement Meadmore. It is an English design.

  3. Harpy

    Bobo, do you have any links to catalogues or such showing the lamp? I’d love to see any other designs associated with it!

  4. Modernistdream

    The lamp at the top is most likely by British designers Robin Day and John Reid.

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