Australian 1950s interior

This is from an advertising booklet for a paint company. It features what you might call the Australian version of “mid-century modest“, those post-war red brick or weatherboard homes that have an unfortunate tendency these days to be demolished and have an unpleasant McMansion replace them.

Herre’s a sitting room with the ever-popular Venetian blinds, in red; barkcloth curtains; Fler or Snelling style chairs, sofa and desk; Feltex carpet, and what might be an Albert Namatjira watercolour print on the wall.

Sitting room

A bedroom, with the very popular skirted bedspread; teak bed head; more of that deep green Feltex; and another Fler or Snelling type chair.

1950s bedroom

What’s that on the floor? Why, it’s more dark green Feltex! That stuff was everywhere. Some more of those chairs too, and a matching coffee table on what looks like a chenille rug. Seems it was fairly popular to have a mix of modern and antique style furniture and homewares, there are lots of pictures in my vintage home magazines of rooms like this. Is that a Renoir print hanging on the wall?

1950s living room

Tiki time! Cane furniture with a bamboo or palm frond print upholstery,  yellow Venetians and ceiling with dark turquoise walls. I like the rug, and I love the ‘crazy paving’ fireplace.

Sitting room with cane furniture

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  1. drnaomi

    Great pics. Please don’t forget to mention the most modest of the mid-century modest, which is fibro, and I doubt that’s a Namatjira on the wall, but keep them coming. Love the paint catalogues, always more outrageous than you would think.

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