1950s Australian Vogue magazine: interiors

The Australian edition of Vogue magazine started in 1956 as a quarterly supplement to British Vogue. And it contains some gems! There used to be quite a bit of interior decorating and sewing advertising and articles until Vogue Living came out in the early 80s. Here are some pictures from the first two years, of interiors and homewares. As you can see, it was hotshot designers right from the start. Click to embiggen!

Here’s a modern living-dining area with hanging buffet table, and all the upholstery and curtaining is from Donald Brothers, the furniture by Gordon Andrews, and the painting by Frank Hodgkinson. The photograph itself was taken by Max Dupain. All those names together, that’s impressive!1950s interior

In this room, the desk and goat’s head sculpture are by Gordon Andrews, the chairs by Bill Lucas, the table by Mathieu Mategot, and the painting by Rachel Roxburgh.

1950s modernist interior

A cottage renovation by interior designer Marion Hall Best, ‘one of Australia‚Äôs most important and influential 20th century interior designers’. Sofas and coffee table made by E. A. Moulen, iron chair by Bill Lucas, more Donald Brothers upholstery, the mural on the wall by Dora Sweetapple (Hall Best’s sister), and the paintings by Michael Kmit.

1950s modernist interior

Information on the designers here seems to be missing. I love the purple sofa and chairs.

1950s interior

Danish style modernist chair and sideboard/buffet. And that deep deep turquoise carpet. I don’t think it’s Feltex this time.

1950s modernist interior

Kitchen advertisement for Tygan wallpapers. This is one … interesting … kitchen. Tartan wallpaper! Speckled lino floor! Dark green cupboards! Troughton and Young modernist light fittings! Floral curtains! It’s like a little bit of every style popular in the 50s all in the one room.

1950s kitchen

This is an ad for one of the Staffordshire pottery studios. I can’t recall which one. Casual dining for the well-off in 1958. They’ll come in from a game of tennis any second now.

1950s dining table and room

Advertisement for Vynex upholstery. Vinyl-coated chairs aren’t very nice in the Australian summer. Those women are actually stuck to the chairs.

Vynex advertisement, 1958

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  1. Dean

    The lovely purple couch in the pic above appears to be a 1950′s sofa bed by Robin Day.
    Check out http://www.markparrish.co.uk for more info. Thanks for such a great blog.

  2. Tick


    The purple lounge and chairs are by Robin Day.


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