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1950s Australian Vogue magazine: interiors

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The Australian edition of Vogue magazine started in 1956 as a quarterly supplement to British Vogue. And it contains some gems! There used to be quite a bit of interior decorating and sewing advertising and articles until Vogue Living came out in the early 80s. Here are some pictures from the first two years, of [...]

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Australian 1950s interior

This is from an advertising booklet for a paint company. It features what you might call the Australian version of “mid-century modest“, those post-war red brick or weatherboard homes that have an unfortunate tendency these days to be demolished and have an unpleasant McMansion replace them. Herre’s a sitting room with the ever-popular Venetian blinds, [...]

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Canberra, 1955: Home Beautiful special feature

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In my large pile of vintage home and fashion magazines, which I am slowly scanning my way through, there is this: A March 1955 special feature on Canberra. Canberra was a relatively new city, and after WWII, modern architecture sprang up everywhere alongside the original Californian bungalows and (almost Arts and Crafts) cottages. There are [...]

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The Colorful Home – vintage Australian home renovation

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Many companies released “advertorial” brochures in the years after World War Two, as soon as restrictions were lifted and regular supply of things like paints and fabrics was resumed. Taubmans, an Australian paint company, released this lovely booklet – The Colorful Home by Anne Stewart. [There was a trend in the 40s to use American [...]

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Save The Pink Bathrooms

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Does your house have a pink pre-1960s bathroom? Don’t sucumb to the lure of flat-pack-tastic bathrooms spruiked on weekend renovation TV shows and rip it out. Restore it! This site, Save the Pink Bathrooms, explains why. I used to live in a little 1927 cottage in Barton that hadn’t been renovated. It still had the [...]

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