Canberra, 1955: Home Beautiful special feature

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In my large pile of vintage home and fashion magazines, which I am slowly scanning my way through, there is this: A March 1955 special feature on Canberra. Canberra was a relatively new city, and after WWII, modern architecture sprang up everywhere alongside the original Californian bungalows and (almost Arts and Crafts) cottages. There are [...]

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Clement Meadmore furniture

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I went searching for lamps like the one in the advertisement in the previous post, and found this: in an online catalogue from Shapiro Auctioneers. The description suggests it’s likely to have been designed by Clement Meadmore, a famous Australian-American sculptor, who was designing furniture in the early 1950s. You may have seen his sculpture [...]

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The Colorful Home – vintage Australian home renovation

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Many companies released “advertorial” brochures in the years after World War Two, as soon as restrictions were lifted and regular supply of things like paints and fabrics was resumed. Taubmans, an Australian paint company, released this lovely booklet – The Colorful Home by Anne Stewart. [There was a trend in the 40s to use American [...]

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