1955 Twin Set – free knitting pattern

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Here’s a pretty twin set from My Home magazine’s 1955 Christmas edition. My Home was a British publication “for women who love their home”. I’ve compiled the pattern into a PDF to download. Knitting pattern – 3.5mb PDF

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Canberra, 1955: Home Beautiful special feature

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In my large pile of vintage home and fashion magazines, which I am slowly scanning my way through, there is this: A March 1955 special feature on Canberra. Canberra was a relatively new city, and after WWII, modern architecture sprang up everywhere alongside the original Californian bungalows and (almost Arts and Crafts) cottages. There are [...]

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Vintage 1940s plus-size sewing pattern catalogue

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A while back I found a very tattered old mid-1940s pattern catalogue at an antiques centre. What was unusual about it was that it featured outsize fashions, something you hardly ever see. I paid a bit too much for it considering the condition, but I balanced it out with a few bargains elsewhere! It’s a [...]

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Vintage recipe: Coconut ice

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Coconut ice has long been a favourite sweet! Often found at school fetes and at CWA or any fundraising cake stall, it’s a delicious confection of desiccated coconut and sugar mixture. Traditionally white and pink – tinted with chochineal – adventurous cooks branched out into other colours when artificial food dyes became available. Fact: there [...]

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Vintage harps

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This is the Harp Lounge, after all. Here’s an ad for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, date early-mid 1940s, I think, going by the pageboy hairstyle. A time when beer ads featured classy lassies wearing more than a bikini! (Artist placed the lady sitting way too far down the harp, incidentally. And sitting on the wrong [...]

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